OICA General Assembly has been successfully held in Moscow on October 19-21, 2016


A regular annual meeting of the General Assembly of the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (OICA) was held on 19 to 21 October 2016 in Moscow. The OICA General Assembly meeting was hosted by the Association of Russian Automakers and supported by Russia’s Ministry of Industry and Trade, KAMAZ PTC (general sponsor) and Messe Frankfurt GmbH (official sponsor). The OICA General Assembly has gathered in Russia for the first time in a near-centennial history of the organization. It was attended by 60 delegates representing 26 national associations of automobile manufacturers. By the number of participants, the meeting is assessed as the most imposing one during the recent years.

In the frames of the OICA General Assembly programme, a traditional Round Table was organized under the title “World Auto Industry: Situation and Trends”, which attracted more than 100 participants. Along with the General Assembly delegates, among the participants there were representatives of government authorities, executives and specialists of the OAR member companies, motoring journalists. The key subject of the Round Table was situation of the automotive industry in Russia/ CIS region.  Mr Alexander Morozov, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, spoke on the strategy of the Russian auto industry development. The Round Table was also attended by Mr Alexei Volodin, Director of Department of automotive industry and railway engineering at the RF Ministry of Industry and Trade, and Mr Sergei Yevdokimov, Deputy Director of Department of industrial policy at the Eurasian Economic Commission.

In the Round Table’s section dedicated to situation and general trends on global auto markets, various inputs were made on certain markets, and views were exchanged on long-term trends and influence of public policies on development of the market and the industry.

In a special technical section focused on the issue of automated driving, OICA acivities coordinated with UN were reviewed, such as development of certification procedures for different levels of vehicle automation, and adaptation of international convents on road traffic rules to ever increasing vehicle automation level.

The General Assembly meeting proper has reviewed internal administative issues, including OICA accounting results, the 2017 budget, OICA membership, payment of fees and contributions. The General Assembly approved the 2017 Calendar of motor shows. Suggestions on preparation for the OICA centenary in 2019 were also reviewed.

The General Assembly elected Mr Matthias Wissmann (VDA, Germany) the OICA President, with a 2-year mandate.

The place of the next General Assembly meeting in October 2017 is defined Indonesia.

The level of organization and running of the OICA General Assembly in Moscow got a high appraisal from the OICA Council, executives and delegates.


About the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (OICA)


The International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (OICA) was established in 1919 by national associations of automobile manufacturers in Europe and the USA. Nowadays, its membership counts 39 national professional associations from all continents of the globe. The Association of Russian Automakers is an OICA member since 2006. The latest admitted OICA member (July 2016) became Kazavtoprom – Kazakhstan Association of Automotive Industry.

The OICA mission is representation of the automotive industry and protection of the manufacturers’ interests internationally, definition of priorities of the industrial policies at global forums, harmonization of automotive technical regulations, consolidation of the international statistics, and coordination of international motor shows.

The OICA superior body is the General Assembly meeting held once a year alternately in OICA member countries. The 2016 OICA General Assembly will be hosted by the Association of Russian Automakers (OAR) in Moscow on 19 – 21 October.


About Russian Automotive Industry


The automotive industry in Russia is one of the leading sectors of the national economy; it contributed near one percent to the country’s GDP in 2015, while its share in all engineering industries’ contribution amounted to nearly 40%. The automotive industry plays an important role in creation of new jobs. With 340 thousand people employed directly in that industry, about 3 million employees are provided with jobs in allied industries related to material manufacture, vehicle operation, maintenance and repair.
In 2015, OAR member companies manufactured 653.6 thousand motor vehicles (46.4% of their total output in the countries of the Customs Union between Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan) including 128.9 thousand trucks (96.6% of their total output in the Customs Union), 496.8 thousand passenger cars (40.2% of the total car production in the Customs Union), 27.9 thousand buses and coaches (73.2% of the total bus output in the Customs Union).

The automobile market in Russia faced a continuous decline of sales and local production in 2015 due to economic downturn in the country. Both domestic and foreign companies produced locally in total 1.38 million motor vehicles in 2015, while new motor vehicle sales in Russia amounted to 1.66 million units in 2015. In terms of car sales volume, Russia got the fifth rank in Europe (following Germany, UK, France and Italy).

The total motor vehicle fleet in Russia accounts more than 50 million passenger cars, trucks and buses. However, more than half of the fleet is taken by vehicles being in use for over 10 years, which is a major reason of environmental pollution; they have low fuel efficiency, insufficient active and passive safety levels.

The task of primary importance set by automobile manufacturers in Russia is renovation of the existing motor vehicle fleet by way of production and putting in operation of ecologically pure, energy efficient and safe vehicles.




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Invitation to the OICA General Assembly
19 – 21 October 2016, Moscow

Dear OICA Member,
I am pleased to invite you to Moscow to attend the OICA General Assembly meeting on 19th to 21st October 2016, hosted by the Association of Russian Automakers, as defined by the foregoing OICA General Assembly meetings.

The world of automobiles to which we as vehicle manufacturers belong, increases annually by more than 90 million new motor vehicles. The global number of vehicles in use today approaches 1.3 billion units, and the level of motorization in some countries already exceeds 80 per cent as compared to their population size including babies.

That is why, from year to year, we face raising requirements for safety and environmental friendliness of vehicles on the one side, and for their reliability and durability on the other side, and this is just what urges us to investigate new innovation solutions for creating utmost comfortable conditions, both for drivers and for pedestrians and the environment at whole.

Nowadays, this cannot be done without wide implementation of digital technologies into vehicles, allowing to not only provide management of the vehicle systems but also make it possible to expect appearance on the road, in the near future, of serial production self-driving vehicle models.

I believe that issues of automobile production and market, issues of development of new safe, green and independent of the driver’s quality vehicles will find reflection in the agenda of the OICA Round Table.

While inviting you to Moscow for participation in the OICA General Assembly, we hope that despite any weather conditions (usually, average temperature in Moscow in late October is 3°C to 5°C, or 40°F to 43°F, snow possible), the events in the frames of the General Assembly including the social programme will leave best memories with you.

All information on the OICA 2016 General Assembly arrangements can be found on the web site http://www.oica2016moscow.com. The same web site is mandatory to be used for online registration, hotel reservation and payment, visa application, or arranging a complementary tour in Russia. It would be appreciated if you could complete all registration formalities before 31 August 2016.

For any additional information concerning registration, hotel, complementary tours, or visa support, please contact Mr Alexander Panasyuk, event realization specialist with MAKO Agency, email: ap@makongress.ru. In case of queries on participation in the Round Table, the General Assembly meeting or evening parties, please feel free to contact Mr Yuri Kravtsov, email: kravtsov_oar@mail.ru, phone +7 495 620 4576.

With the best wishes, I look forward to seeing you in Moscow.


Sergei A. Kogogin
Chairman of the Council